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The Way of All Flesh Tones: Toning and tinting 16mm film

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In a practical sense tinting and toning is the process of converting the silver of a black and white image into a colour - but take it on a tangent and it can lead to wild new ideas, journeys, and worlds of colour without beginning or end…!

This workshop will take you through a hands-on exploration of the history, theories, motivations and concepts behind tinting and toning through the use of found 16mm motion picture film. The workshop is easily accessible and no previous knowledge of film techniques or technology is required.

Participants will have the opportunity to try out and use the following tints and tones on film: Copper, Iron, and Selenium, Mordant Dyeing with violet tint, as well as the use of organic tints such as common the tea bag.

We will discuss techniques such as full toning, split toning, partial toning, dual toning and selective toning.

A classic piece of black and white found footage from no.w.here's archive will be provided for experimentation, and following the workshop we will project various results.