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Artist Lab Services


no.w.here Offers Artists the Following Services:

- B&W 16mm Film Processing
- B&W 16mm Film Prints
- Telecine of 16mm Neg, Pos & Handmade Film

no.w.here's film facilities are not available outside of commercial labs anywhere else in the UK. These facilities breed innovation as illustrated by the long history of artists films made during the film co-op years of the late 60s and 70s. no.w.here also allows artists and filmmakers to experiment with production and chemical processes not allowed in the commercial labs.

We have a standard definition telecine for artists who wish to shoot on film and then edit digitally which outputs as a .mov to Apple Pro Res 422.

For rates and further information please see the ‘Lab’ tab on our website. These services are not operated through our store.

To book your job in you will need to fill out this online form (also found at the bottom of our website page):
no.w.here processing & telecine booking

Important Information Regarding Scheduling:
Please allow a two week turnaround for your job to be completed. While we generally operate every Monday, in the event that we do not meet the minimum requirement for job bookings then we will run your job on the second Monday. If your schedule or deadline is tight we suggest you give us a call to discuss your job on +44 (0) 207 729 4494 or email info[@]no-w-here.org.uk.